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Accommodation in Spain: student rooms
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Shared Apartments: Renting a student room in a shared apartment gives you a more independent lifestyle. You share an apartment with two to four other people, usually other Sampere students, with whom you also share certain expenses and the household tasks. You have a private and basic room (bed, table, closet, lamps, window). The kitchen, living room and bathroom are communal. You pay small expenses in the apartment such as gas, soap, cleaning material, etc. Together you are responsible for keeping the apartment clean.

Before your arrive: Arrival is on Sunday and departure on Saturday. There is a daily extra charge for early arrivals or late departures, which must be requested in advance. You will be given the name and telephone number of the owner of the apartment before your departure.

Arrival: You receive your keys from the owner on Sunday afternoon. In some cases, the owners require a deposit of 50 to 100 euros. The owner will refund you this deposit at the end of your stay, provided all items in the apartment are in the same condition as found upon arrival.

Location: Distance from the school varies depending on the destination. In Madrid, it can be up to 40 minutes on public transport.

Minimum stay: The minimum stay in a student room is 2 weeks. We advise long-term students to book the first four weeks before arrival. Once in Spain, you can extend the rental period.

Room type: Most students book single rooms. Two people traveling together may request a double room.

Changing student rooms: Student rooms must be booked in advance for a period of at least two weeks. Partial refunds cannot be guaranteed and are not the responsibility of Estudio Sampere. We advise long term students to book the first four weeks only. Once in Spain, you can extend your stay at the apartment or change accommodation if you wish.

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Accommodation in Spain: student rooms












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