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Spanish in Spain
Student Handbook: When we receive your registration form, we will send you your confirmation, invoice, the address of your accommodation and a student handbook with detailed information in English. The student handbook is produced every year to help you to travel to and live in Spain or Ecuador. It includes information about meals, money, climate, do's and don'ts, airports, maps and emergency telephone numbers. Please read it carefully and keep it during your stay.

Estudio Sampere Spanish school info

Spanish Lessons:
 Lessons last 45 minutes and are normally given in blocks of two lessons back-to-back. Punctuality, classroom participation and homework are essential to your success. Groups are small - there are never more than nine students in a classroom and the number is lower in many courses. Every course includes Spanish Culture four times a week.

Spanish Language levels: Our seven language levels range from beginner to proficient. Your level is assessed on arrival to ensure you are placed in the right class. If you have chosen a specialized or individual course, this helps us to design or fine-tune your program.


Spanish Teachers and teaching materials:
All our Spanish teachers hold a college degree or diploma, and are chosen for their enthusiasm, commitment and team spirit. Family is important at Estudio Sampere, and many of our teachers have been with us for years. The school director organizes the groups and supervises your individual progress. All course materials are included in your fees and are yours to keep after the course, but please bring your own pocket dictionary.

End-of-course certificate:  Every student who attends at least 90% of their classes and meets the requirements of each level receives a certificate showing the length of course and level of Spanish achieved.


Spanish school infos

For Spain, Estudio Sampere has arranged an insurance policy in conjunction with EUROPEA DE VIAJES. This covers any student aged 13 to 75 years enrolled in Spanish language courses at one of our schools in Spain and costs 50 Euros for each block of 16 weeks (1 to 16 weeks, 17 32 weeks, etc).

Policy conditions: The student must be currently enrolled at Estudio Sampere in either Madrid, Salamanca and. The insurance does not cover pre-existing and/or chronic illnesses or dental care. The insurance coverage begins when the student arrives in Madrid, Salamanca and Alicante and lasts for the duration of the course.

Coverage includes:
. Illness or injury occurring while the student is in Spain, and if necessary, repatriation of the insured person.
2. Cost of hospitalization, surgical procedures, medical fees, and pharmaceutical products prescribed by the medical personnel in charge of the insured in case of illness or injury which occurs while the student is in Spain (maximum 1.800,00 ).
3. Travel expenses for a member of the student's family in the event that the insured is hospitalized for more than five (5) days.
4. Repatriation of the insured in case of death. On request, Estudio Sampere will provide the student with a copy, in Spanish, of the insurance policy including all relevant clauses.

Please note the limits of the Sampere/Europea policy. We encourage you to take extra insurance or bring proof of present insurance to cover medical expenses, loss of luggage, cancellation, etc.

All European Union citizens can be included under the Spanish Social Security (form E-111, form E-128). The Estudio Sampere/Europea de Viajes insurance is compulsory for students who require a visa. Students traveling to Ecuador should take out comprehensive insurance for all eventualities.


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