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Spanish School Ecuador, Cuenca
Spanish courses Ecuador

Learn Spanish in Cuenca:

  • For the warmth and hospitality of the "Cuencanos".
  • For the colonial heritage and local color.
  • For the mild year-round climate.
  • For beautifully spoken Spanish.
  • For the magnificent surroundings.
  • For an authentic taste of Latin America.

New! Watch photos of our language school,
the courses, accommodation and activities in Ecuador!

Learn Spanish in Cuenca Spanish courses in Ecuador
Director: Juan Martinez

The City: Cuenca is the cultural capital of Ecuador and its third largest city. It is also Ecuador's best-kept secret. Cuenca and its surrounding region are rich in history, with a colonial atmosphere that has survived thanks to years of almost complete isolation. Cuenca is a city of fascinating contrasts: two universities, museums and art galleries stand alongside Indian markets rarely visited by foreigners. Exploring this delightful Latin American city and getting to know its friendly people will make you want to stay forever...

Learn Spanish in CuencaSAMPERE CUENCA: Estudio Sampere is situated in a
detached building overlooking the Barranco River in the city centre.
The school has seven classrooms, a small garden, common
room, library and video room. It has a friendly atmosphere,
and the director and staff are Ecuadorians who make
up a professional and committed team.

Foreign students per year: 400 (2004).
Average number of students: 25.

Traveling in Ecuador: It is worth taking some time to explore Ecuador. Almost all of our
students spend several days or weeks traveling through the Ecuadorian sierras, jungles and beaches after their course. The Ecuadorians are friendly and hospitable, and a network of buses connects the country, taking adventurous travelers to exotic and fascinating places. For a few dollars you can find a room in a simple and clean hotel or hostel.

Sampere Cuenca will be happy to help you plan your trip. Galapagos is a dream come true for any nature lover. Excursions to the Galapagos are expensive and prices, including air fare, and accommodation start at 800 US$ (4 days/3 nights).

Spanish courses in Ecuador

                               PRICES and DATES for 2011 in Ecuador


  • Dance and cookery classes (2 per week).
  • Culture and civilization classes (4 per week).
  • Full day excursions to Ingapirca, etc. (3 per month).
  • Guided tours to museums and monuments (1 per week).
  • And more, much more...
Accommodation "We are impressed by Estudio Sampere's efficient service and high achievement in teaching Spanish both in Spain and in Ecuador. Sampere courses have been totally positive experiences for our students."

Kurt Krumenacher Boa Lingua Switzerland


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