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It is worth taking some time to explore Ecuador. Almost all of our students spend several days or weeks traveling through the Ecuadorian sierras, jungles and beaches after their course. The Ecuadorians are friendly and hospitable, and a network of buses connects the country, taking adventurous travelers to exotic and fascinating places. For a few dollars you can find a room in a simple and clean hotel or hostel. Sampere Cuenca will be happy to help you plan your trip. Galapagos is a dream come true for any nature lover. Excursions to the Galapagos are expensive and prices, including air fare, and accommodation start at 800 US$ (4 days/3 nights).

Visas for Ecuador:  Citizens from Canada, the European Union, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the USA, among many others, do not need a visa if they plan to study and stay in Ecuador less than 90 days. On arrival with a valid passport, they are issued a permit to stay up to 90 days. Please check with your nearest Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Ecuador.



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