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Spanish in Spain

You can learn Spanish fast and easily through a full immersion Spanish language course at one of the Estudio Sampere Spanish schools in Spain or in Ecuador. We have been providing high quality Spanish courses for 50 years.

10 good reasons to learn Spanish at Estudio Sampere

  1. Five decades of Spanish teaching experience: Our reputation and success is built on our experience: five decades of offering professional Spanish language courses in small group classes.
  2. Five great locations to learn Spanish fast: In Spain, choose cosmopolitan Madrid, the university city of Salamanca, or sunny Alicante, where you'll find the best beaches of Andalusia. Better still, combine all four! The beautiful city of Cuenca in Ecuador is a favorite destination for travelers to one of Latin America's safest countries.
  3. The right Spanish course for you:  We have short and long-term Spanish courses for all language levels. In addition to general Spanish classes, we prepare students for internationally recognized examinations. We also provide business, professional and tailor-made Spanish courses and have a special summer program for juniors.
  4. Teaching material: Estudio Sampere has adapted the new Espasa course, "esespanol", into four books: CICLO I, II, III and IV. These provide a solid foundation for further Spanish language learning through conversation, audio visual and real life material. The special Estudio Sampere edition includes a complete range of materials with books, videos, CDs and real-life materials. All materials are included in the fees and are yours to keep at the end of the course.
  5. Quality accommodation: Your accommodation, whether in a Spanish private home, student room, apartment or hotel, has been carefully chosen and is inspected regularly. We guarantee to resolve any accommodation problem in no more than three days.
  6. Full support: Our trained and qualified team is here to help with every aspect of your stay: course, accommodation, social time and the practicalities of living abroad. We never forget you are an individual with your own needs.
  7. International student mix: People from all over the world come together at Estudio Sampere, speaking Spanish, learning about different cultures and making friends for life.
  8. Results: Whatever the length of your stay, productive,
    motivating and enjoyable Spanish language lessons help you to make maximum improvement. At each Sampere school, the director supervises your individual progress.
  9. Fun activities: Our activities coordinators organize parties, excursions and many different cultural activities each month. Most activities are included in the course fees. The activities are designed to complement your Spanish course.
  10. References: Every year, more than 4,000 students study
    at Estudio Sampere. We are happy to put you in touch with past students in your city or country.

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